Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sterling Silver Spin Rings

If at all you are on the look out for rings that have a perfect combination of style that is unique and unusual, classical as well as simple then silver spin or spinner rings can make an excellent choice. Some of items are extremely exquisite as far as the collection in spin rings in sterling silver are concerned. Whether it is the classical ring or the modern ring, both can be flaunted well on casual clothing as well as special attire.
Different varieties are available in spin rings - unique horse head designs, the funny silver fish bone design, the claddagh spin ring in silver that looks truly religious, vines in silver on these rings, etc are available. Besides there are also some great looking choices in designs like twisted lines, edges with ribbed appearance, large as well as small wafers, bands that are striped and/or knitted, ropes in vertical designs, wire designs, flat chains in classical designs and cable chain designs. 

All of these silver spin rings are made in the highest quality metals and look extremely great. You are sure to find a desirable ring from the huge collection with some of the most unique designs available in the market. Out of the many designs, the chip spin rings in silver are extremely popular. Over the band that is present inside, the band on the outside is able to freely spin over it which is one of the most special features of the silver ring. Depending upon the size of the base ring, the top rings are accordingly cast. Highest levels of craftsmanship are maintained besides extreme high quality while designing each of these rings.
Each of these rings has to under go an inspection process to ensure that their quality is maintained at the highest levels. In jewelry designing one of the concepts that has been introduced with a lot of fanfare in the market is the silver spinner ring. Designs of these rings are unique due to the middle portion that spins freely on the finger area where it encircles the skin of the ring finger. In many cultures it is believed that situations that are extremely stressful and full of anxiety as well as tension can be reduced by wearing spinner rings in silver.
Rings of the spinning variety endow the hands with ongoing movement on the finger. The motions of the repetitive kind help in calming and in soothing the mind. The silver spin rings prove to be tools that are extremely helpful for focusing of your thoughts for the purpose of relaxation as well as meditation. Silver of the highest grade is used in designing spinner ring jewelry of the highest quality.
As far as the spinning portion is concerned there are numerous designs available in rings made in silver.  A variety of designs are included in their making like the tile or brick design, ropes, different knots, the Celtic braids etc. If you want these spinning rings with a plain surface then you can select them without any kind of engraving which can provide the rings with a smooth surface instead. In case you want some kind of a reminder or a messages as a type of ring design to feature then it can be added accordingly.
Depending upon your religion and your beliefs you can have a variety of symbols embedded on the silver spin rings right from elephants to dice, to symbols used by Christians as well as astrological symbols. As far as the composition of spinner rings is considered one of the most common materials used is silver. Silver is extremely beautiful to look at and is an extremely strong metal. In the face of wear and tear, rubbing on surfaces etc, silver has the capacity of withstanding extreme conditions. Gold is one of the most precious metals but is not considered a preferable choice for designing spinner rings as this precious metal is extremely soft. 

Spinning silver rings have dual purpose, which is not understood and realized by a large number of people. These rings are considered among the most beautiful ring range in women’s jewelry items. If you want these rings to be very effective then you need to ensure that the ring’s outer portion is able to smoothly slide over the desired finger which is usually the ring finger in most cases. The spin should be extremely smooth and you will realize that the spin is not smooth as you keep twisting or even keep tugging on the spinning rings in silver.
You should be able to comfortably turn the middle portion of the spinning ring. If you practice meditation then the spinner ring in silver makes a perfect choice. When the middle portion of the spin ring is spun or rotated, it enables focusing of the mind in a much better way. While the fingers remain occupied in spinning the movable portion, the mind is able to focus and get into meditative mode faster. All that the wearer of the spinning ring has to do is concentrate on moving the central portion of the spinner ring. The movement is able to take you into a trance like state if sued well and thus facilitates easy meditation. In this way the ring is truly a real value addition to your jewelry treasure chest.
This can be done while sitting and concentrating on something or in meditation. To encourage a sense of serenity as well as calmness, you can add some soothing sounds or music in the background to accelerate the effect. Relief from stress is best provided by spinner rings in silver. In these days amidst the hectic lifestyles we all lead, the mind can get bogged down by a number of things and hence to keep the brain and mind occupied, the silver spin rings are proving to be an exclusive choice. To deal with anxiety these spin rings in silver are considered one of the best secret weapons. Pass down an heirloom in the family that spins through generations and brings value to each.